The Humble Beginning

herbaNIQ is the extension from CHT, a humble beginning of soap-making in the founder – Allan Goh’s very own kitchen.   His skin irritation and issues stemming from synthetic cleaning agents led him to extensive researches in herbal ingredients.  Consequently, he developed the perfect all natural formulation compressed into one single soap.

Allan had then shared his soap with relatives and friends.  For better referential purposes, the soap is named Bamboo Vine-Mint.  As requests from these supporters snow-balled over time, Bamboo Vine-Mint inevitably marched and joined the small business venture, starting with a humble stall in the wet market.

All Natural Ingredients

herbaNIQ’s products are natural and do not contain synthetic ingredients.  For example, all herbaNIQ handmade soap series see 25% or more glycerin, a humectants that draw moisture to one’s skin.  Glycerin is popularly known to be a natural remedy for yeast and fungal infections, such as eczema and psoriasis.

In addition, herbaNIQ’s soap base is top quality olive oil from KAT Personal Care Manufacturer Sdn Bhd.  Such olive oil is added with anti oxidant properties and guaranteed the proper dermatological care. Other lines of products use natural herbs and organic ingredients that are non-toxic.


Our promise

Back in the early days of wet market stall, Bamboo Vine-Mint had gained overwhelming popularity; partly due to the effectiveness of the soap, others, tremendous recommendations from end users.  Unfortunately, Bamboo Vine-Mint’s fame and famous began to attract counterfeit products; all featuring the “green colour soap”, claiming to be of the same quality if not better.  To ensure his clients’ best interest, Allan had taken the bold move of printing his own face on the soap box.

Throughout the years, Allan has relentlessly seek accreditations for all his lines of products, including the stringent Halal certificate, SIRIM and approval from the Health Ministry.  What he wanted is purely the satisfaction of his clients from the high quality all natural ingredients used in his products.