Sabun Ajaib

Sabun Ajaib


Sabun Ajaib is our classic product; with its trademark green packaging and unique name.  The current packaging is a refined design but the soap and its ingredients are retained.  Due to the process of soap production, you should always finish your soap within a month after breaking the seal.  This is because the soap contains no preservatives and are vacuum packed.  Even if you couldn’t finish the soap, you should keep your soap in a dry air tight container.

Word of caution to those who are allergic to peppermint or vinegar.  There is possibility of first time user experiencing itchiness during the first bath. If problem persists after 2nd or 3rd bath trial, you might have an allergy to peppermint or vinegar.  Stop using the product.

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Instructions Of Use:
1. Lather and wait for 1 or 2 min before rinsing off.
2. Repeat if skin or face has excessive sebum.
3. For acne, problematic skins or scalp, wash and rinse off the first round then wash and leave the lather on for 1 or 2 min before rinsing off the second time.

For very dry hair or face problem:
1. Lather hair or face with Sabun Ajaib.
2. Leave the lather on for 1 or 2 min then lather in your choice of facial cleanser or conditioning hair shampoo.
3. Rinse off.

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